Los Angeles CA

After three and a half years of studies in Architecture at the Universidad de Los Andes in Bogota, Colombia, I transferred to Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana, where after two and a half years I graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture degree. My time in school was well spent and devoted to sharpening and developing my innate design skills. I enjoyed every minute of it. New Orleans made an inspiring backdrop filled with architectural heritage and history and a unique sense of style.
New Orleans, LA
Position: Project Designer
After receiving my Bachelor degree of Architecture, my first job was at the firm of August Perez and Associates downtown New Orleans. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. What a place! It was filled with a staff of over three hundred architects, most of them under the age of thirty. The place was the most vibrant and creative environment I had ever imagined. At the time, the firm was in charge of planning and designing the Louisiana World Exposition in addition to hundreds of projects which included hotels, office buildings, schools, churches, banks, housing, and more. But, like every dream, the end had to come. Because of the economic recession caused by the policies of the Reagan administration, new commissions stopped coming in. As a consequence, the firm went from a staff of over three hundred to fifty six within a period of six months. I was number fifty-five since the project I was working on had just concluded. At this point I decided to venture on my own and go after small local projects.
New Orleans, LA
Position: Principal
It was fun while it lasted, lots of fun! I opened my own studio in New Orleans and work was coming in. I produced a few projects that were built. It was work that was being designed to meet my own standards and it was a joyful feeling. After a successful three-year run, Louisiana's economy came to a screeching halt due to the collapse of the oil industry. New Orleans was turning into a ghost town; it was time to move to Los Angeles in pursuit of a better fortune.
Los Angeles, CA
Position: Staff Designer & Architect
Upon my arrival to Los Angeles, I was hired by Moore Ruble Yudell (Charles Moore's West Coast office) to create and manage a model building studio for the firm. It was here that I witnessed their design process and the glory of Post-Modernism at its worst. This office was devoid of energy, leadership, and inspiration. The level of enthusiasm among the staff was non existent, there was no real pulse. After eighteen months, I decided to leave the glamour of Post Modernism behind and move on in pursuit of at least better pay.
Los Angeles, CA
Position: Project Designer
Funny how the right name on your resume doubles your salary in one move. I was hired by Kekst Architects to work as a designer for their West Coast office based in Southern California. This was the complete corporate experience, and one that made me wonder at what point had I made the wrong turn. The office was an assembly line that produced malls, mini-malls and shopping centers all over the planet at an astonishing speed. The main priority was how many parking spaces and how much square footage of retail you could stuff into a site. The word "design" was unimportant and the facades were "designed" by using standard details from their library that were applied like wall paper. I lasted about a year and had to leave in pursuit of my dreams.
New Hartford, CT
Position: Associate Architect
Based in New Hartford, Connecticut, my dear friend and architect Stephen McAlister had set up a small studio and had a few interesting projects. He convinced me to join him and we both embarked on a dream for architecture excellence, and a battle for survival. After a couple of frustrating years and having produced a number of great projects on paper which never made it past the working drawing phase, we were facing what seemed a never ending economic recession as a result of the Bush administration policies. At that point, I made the decision to return to Los Angeles in pursuit of a career in Production Design for Film and Television.
Los Angeles, CA
Position: Principal
In addition to my career in Production Design, which has been solidifying over the last decade, I have maintained my passion and love for architecture. This has resulted in producing a few and selected architecture projects. I am convinced that the ideal way to practice architecture is when you do not have to depend on it for living. This removes the practical pressures and frees the creative spirit.
Walt Disney's Tomorrow Land Innoventions
Art Director
Empire Western
Production Designer
Mac Weenie's Restaurants
Fluent in English and Spanish. Proficient in French.